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  • December 2019 - present

    POSITION: System Architect

    EMPLOYER: Kaspersky Lab [Wikipedia]


    • Choice of software development and team management strategy in collaboration with product owner.
    • Detection of non-functional requirements in collaboration with business analytics.
    • Design the solutions satisfying functional and non-functional software requirements.
    • Development of architectural solutions satisfying non-functional software requirements.
    • RND of technical practices in the industry and continuous improvement of existing technical solutions.
    • Training development team to implement best industry practices.
    • Interviewing new employees (Python, GoLang, JS, Erlang, QA, DevOps).
    • Writing technical documentation for architectural solutions.
    • Controlling implementation of the accepted technical solutions.
    • Planing and evaluation of development, testing and launching new software products.

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: Software

  • Jule 2018 - December 2019 (1 year 5 month)

    POSITION: Development Team Lead

    EMPLOYER: Kaspersky Lab [Wikipedia]


    • Development and improvement of architecture and infrastructure of the subsystem of orchestration and functioning of system components management.
    • Management of development in Erlang Team.
    • CodeReview.
    • Prototyping of solutions and participation in product launch.
    • Interviewing new employees (Python, GoLang, JS, Erlang, QA, DevOps).

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: Software

  • December 2017 - Jule 2018 (8 month)

    POSITION: Erlang Developer

    EMPLOYER: Kaspersky Lab [Wikipedia]


    • Design and development new cluster components on Erlang.
    • Writing and implementing efficient code.
    • Release management.
    • Working closely with other developers.
    • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems.
    • Mentoring developers.

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: Software

  • January 2017 - November 2017 (11 month)

    POSITION: Senior Python Developer

    EMPLOYER: LAMODA [Wikipedia]

    RESPONSIBILITIES: Department of online store development, Software Development Department, Information Technologies Department.

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: E-commerce

  • June 2016 - February 2017 (9 month)

    POSITION: Senior Python Developer

    EMPLOYER: Rambler&Co [Wikipedia]

    RESPONSIBILITIES: Independent design of project components, participation in the assessment and planning of tasks, improvement and refactoring of existing code, evaluation of work for future projects, mentoring and assistance to employees.

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: Internet technologies

  • Jule 2015 - June 2016 (1 year)

    POSITION: Python Developer

    EMPLOYER: Rambler&Co [Wikipedia]

    RESPONSIBILITIES: Participation in project architecture design, development and support of external and internal project functionality, development and support of corporate and public APIs, automation of business processes, task planning.

    TYPE OF BUSINESS: Internet technologies


  • September 2009 — June 2013 Bachelor, Voronezh State Technical University

    Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Security. Information Systems and Technologies

  • August 2013 — June 2015 Master, Honours Degree, Voronezh State Technical University

    Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Security. Information Systems and Technologies


Analysis of VK friendly relationships using Python

  • Analysis of VK friendly relationships using Python. Continuation, November 2014 – adding a function to get data about “deep” friends (friends-friends as deep as you please), horizontal scaling, 148 algorithms for graph analysis, improving the algorithm for obtaining data. At 2 workstations - 60 times faster than competitors. Visualization of graphs. Analysis of VK friendly relationships using Python. Continuation


WorkShops and Trainings

  • 20 May 2017

    Coach at Django Girls (Lamoda)

  • 9 - 10 Jule 2016

    Mentor and member of juri at hacathon GeekDay. Post

  • 29 May 2016

    Coach at Django Girls

  • 24 May 2016

    Master Class for Moscow Aviation Institute students. FaceMash idea. FaceMash MorePhotos.

  • 6 Febrary 2016

    Coach on the first Django Girls in Moscow. Post.


  • 10-11 December 2016

    The winner of Strip Hack Moscow 2016. Team BroCard. Win

  • 24 April 2016

    Finallists of #1 Global Chatbots Hackathon. PythonAwesomeBot github.

  • 10-11 October 2015

    Participation in DATA.GOV.RU HACKATHON #2. Project National Ecological Monitoring. The project went into the second round.

  • 31 May 2015

    The winner of Make City hackathon. Hackathon is about creations of services, games and apps which improoves city arias. Solo Participating. Post.

Projects on Github

  • Pet Project. on C + Swift.
    • load averange
    • pids count
    • Threads count for one pid
    • Threads count for all pids
    • Processes info

    Want to create MacOS little widget.

  • Chat on Erlang.
  • bert forkErlang BERT encoder/decoder.
  • HyperLogLog fork. Some fixes for using in production. Merged to origin.
  • mx - all my PR to mx – OTP Message Broker
    • Queue Limits
    • Docs upd
    • Clearing tables (previously saved, leading to bugs after a restart)
    • Separate databases when using multiple instances on the same hardware
    • Dependency, compilation, release generation update
    • Master-Slave on different hosts
    • Fix copying tables during replication
  • raven-erlang fork
    • No rebar_hex, we could not build release without connecting to an external mirror (rebar_hex).
  • basic sender in telegram channels
  • dive_into_erlang - first steps in Erlang.
  • hacker_rank_tasks - algorithms training.
  • python-bot - PythonAwesomeBot. Python interpeter in Telegtram.
  • habr_favs - Word Cloud of my favourite articles.
  • Asynchronous multi-user chat - is a client-server asynchronous application that implements multi-user chat with rooms and private messages. Each request from a client or server is validated by checking the integrity of the message. The interaction protocol and server startup scheme are described.
  • Algorithms training.
  • vk_friends — distributed information system for obtaining, building and analyzing social graphs from the VKontakte network. + 2 articles. Builds a graph of friendships in vk.com, gathers user friends recursively arbitrarily deeply.

Project Euler